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I'm happy to answer questions you may have about the products - call me before placing an order if you have questions.    Call Jason at: 218-428-4766 or fill out the form below.  I stand behind the products I sell.  

Please note:

This website, is the ONLY way to purchase authentic LRB gear. 

In the fall of 2020 we were made aware of fraudulent "companies" marketing, via social media, their junk to current and prospective customers.  They've lifted images from the LRB website and social media sites.  These fraudulent companies are also lifting images of customer videos and photos as 'proof' that they are selling authentic gear.  It is a scam.  We have reported this to the social media sites and they are unwilling/unable to do anything to stop/eliminate/prevent this.  Thankfully we have an AMAZING customer base that has been diligent about reporting the fraud and blasting the fraudulent "companies" by commenting that it is fraud, scam, etc. with a redirect to for authentic gear.