About LRB

Jason Gustafson - Lester River Bushcraft - Duluth MN

I grew up in a really small town, Clinton, Minnesota – population of approx. 550.   There I had the freedom to build forts, play in the duck slue, hunt and go fishing.  While growing up I learned to love, respect and shoot guns with my late Grandpa Duane.  

In 1997, I packed everything I owned into my car and moved to Duluth to attend the Fire Science program at Lake Superior College.  I met my wife Jen here in Duluth; we had a couple of kids and have made this beautiful city our home.    

Over the years, in whatever job I held, I kept coming back to my love of primitive skills & the outdoors.  After a lot of thoughtful consideration, Lester River Bushcraft (LRB) was born.
LRB started out as a small business making custom knives, but evolved into something much more for me personally and professionally.  My focus has shifted away from making custom knives into creating and finding gear that I want to use and that others will want to use too; such as the 100% wool Boreal shirt.  

I’m also working on my skills – I’ve trained with many of the best in the business (Mors Kohanski, Madison Parker & Terry Barney).  I have 5+ years of FMA (Filipino Martial Arts), I’ve taught classes at Dirtime, the Winter Camping Symposium & other local events.  

Training/Certification References

•Mors Kochanski - Karamat Wilderness Ways
•Madison Parker - Bulletproof Primitive Supply
•Terry Barney - 88 Tactical
•Mark Laine - Center Line Systems 
•Winter Camping Symposium