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Mother Canteen Carrier

Food, Fire, Shelter, Water all in one place - the Mother of all Canteen Carriers, a.k.a. the "Mother" brings it all together in one multi-purpose, over the shoulder, MOLLE compatible, indoor or outdoor, made in America, bad ass unit.  An essential item for minimalist survival, EDC, bug out or vehicle bag, bushcraft, military or just to serve as your window to the woods when stuck in the office!

Interior fits Heavy Cover Titanium Canteen, cup with slot for lid, G.I. issue canteen, or Nalgene bottle(s).  Two side pouches for IFAC, flashlight, knife/survival tool, cordage, food, water purification tablets/straw, etc.  One center pouch for larger items such as shelter, bivy liner, fire starting kit, signals kit, cell phone, small child, etc.  Bottom tie down points for shelter, clothing, tools, etc.  MOLLE loops on front for chemlites, cordages, snap links, tie down points, etc.  MOLLE compatible backside for attachment to ruck or can worn over belt.  Adjustable shoulder strap with removable Fast-Tec buckles. 

Carrier Multicam - Lester River Bushcraft

Center Line Systems
Mother Canteen Carrier

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Available in Multicam, Black Multicam, Ranger Green, & Coyote Brown

Black Multi Cam Heavy Cover Mother Canteen Carrier
Coyote Heavy Cover Mother Canteen Carrier
Ranger Green Heavy Cover Mother Canteen Carrier
Multi Cam Heavy Cover Mother Canteen Carrier

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Canteen is not included.  Titanium mess kits can be purchased from Heavy Cover Inc.

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