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100% Wool Hoodie.  The Boreal Shirt is a collaboration with Empire Wool & Canvas.

Custom Bushcraft knives from Lester River Bushcraft.  Click the button below for availability.

Bushcraft Knives by Lest River Bushcraft

Fits Heavy Cover and USGI Canteens with enough room for essential gear.

Centerline Systems Mother Canteen Carrier
World Famous 100% Wool Boreal Shirt - Wool Hoody from Lester River Bushcraft & Empire Wool and Canvas
Lester River Bushcraft
Official Lester River Bushcraft Patches

Lester River Bushcraft Patches

Get your Lester River Bushcraft Patch to attach to your favorite garment or piece of gear.  If you spot someone wearing one, let us know on our Facebook page!

LRB Patch 2 inches x 2 Inches

$6.00 + Free Shipping
(Minnesota State Sales Tax of 8.375% for Minnesota Residents)

Lester River Bushcraft T-Shirt - Shut Up & Get It Dirty

Lester River Bushcraft

Enough’s time to get it dirty.  Get your official Lester River Bushcraft shirt. Made with a quality 50/50 cotton polyester blend this shirt features the LRB logo on the front and “Shut Up & Get It Dirty” on the back.

Official LRB T-Shirt

$17.00 + Free Shipping

18lb Tarred Bank Line from Lester River Bushcraft

#18 Bank Line

This roll is 1 lb and holds 1032 feet. This is the good stuff with endless possibilities.

18 # Tarred Bank Line

$17.00 + Free Shipping

Free shipping on all orders in the continental U.S..
Orders shipped internationally will be require additional shipping charges.

Centerline Systems G-Roll

The Gear Roll, a.k.a. "G-Roll," is designed to keep all of your essential gear in one well organized storage unit.

Centerline Systems G-Roll

The G-2 was designed for those of us who just have to have more pockets! Carry the gear you want, where you want, for enhanced organizational abilities.


MSS Multipurpose Tarps

Compact multipurpose tarps.  These tarps are designed to be a compact 4 season survival shelter.

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