Northwoods Poncho


Versatile, Durable, Warm, and Handmade in Duluth, MN

The Northwoods Poncho is a 100% wool poncho measuring 54 x 82.

Our Northwoods Poncho is handmade right here in Duluth using the same quality construction as our world famous Boreal Shirts.

Available with or without a hood, the Northwoods Poncho configuration options are limited only by your own imagination.

Please check out the video below for a basic overview on the features.

  Supplex binding around the full perimeter
  550 cord sewn to the poncho on both 82" sides; this cordage is tacked down approximately every 3" creating a versatile tie out system.  The multiple tie out points make the poncho easy to configure while wearing and allows for attachment of a separate rain poncho.  

  Supplex channel sewn into each of the 54" sides; allowing for different types of cordage to be threaded through for use with a hammock creating a field expedient under quilt.
  Boreal shirt pocket, including the security pocket with D-rings

  2 arm sleeves on the inside of the poncho

Free Shipping

Free shipping available in the U.S. only (Alaska & Hawaii included)
Contact us for international quotes. You will receive an additional invoice for the cost of international shipment.

Ships in 2-3 Weeks



Free Shipping


Original Northwoods Wool Poncho 

Hooded Northwoods Wool Poncho

Ships in 2-3 Weeks

Original Northwoods Wool Poncho by Lester River Bushcraft
Hooded Northwoods Wool Poncho by Lester River Bushcraft

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