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Centerline Systems G-Roll - Gear Roll

Centerline Systems G-Roll

The Gear Roll, a.k.a. "G-Roll," is designed to keep all of your essential gear in one well organized storage unit.  I made my original unit to carry all of my tools for field dressing deer (knives, gloves, drag rope, etc...) and subsequently made another for all of the electronic devices and power cords I need when teaching courses.  No matter how you decide to use the G-Roll - fire starting kit, cordage, tarps, navigation and signal, knives, first aid, toiletry, etc...the G-Roll keeps your essential gear organized so it is where you want it, when you need it!

Our G-Roll is made in the U.S.A. from 500 Denier Cordura and includes four "shock cord" tie downs to aid in securing your items.  Move the shock cords around to different locations, substitute with 550 para cord or rubber bands... the uses are limited only to your imagination.


Centerline Systems G-Roll

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Centerline Systems G-Roll - Gear Roll
Centerline Systems G-Roll - Gear Roll

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