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Centerline Systems G2  G-Roll - Gear Roll

Centerline Systems G-2 Gear Roll

The G-2 has four pockets:  One large; one medium; one tall/small and finally one short/small.  Additionally, there are four "attachment" points that allow you to run the G-2 along the ridge line of your tent or hammock; attach to your belt loops or string around your waist; or rig as an improvised chest rack under "less than ideal" circumstances.  How you configure the G-2 and what you pack inside are limited only to your imagination.  Use the "docking" straps to attach the G-2 to the bottom of your Mother canteen carrier or your rucksack, belt line, T.H.O.R. system or simply stuff it into your pack, vehicle, or office cubicle.


Centerline Systems G-2 G-Roll

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Centerline Systems G2 G-Roll - Gear Roll

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Here are some examples of the type/size of items we have shoved into the G-2 so far:

A 10'x10' tarp; Bahco saw; wine box (small); sardine tins; signal mirrors; two 9 hour candles; altoid size survival tin; Jimmy Hoffa; cordage; Cinch Tight trauma dressing; lensatic compass; I.V. bag; tools; fire starting kit; M-4 and pistol magazines; signal flares; sleeve of crackers; tent stakes; UCO candle lantern; 30k emails; salt and pepper shakers; the smaller size Plano tackle boxes for fishing; steak... see where this is going?!  Combine the G-2 with your Mother canteen carrier and achieve the "Maximum amount of gear in a Minimalist Platform!

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